Oppo adopts Xiaomi s idea for a new high-end smartphone

Oppo adopts Xiaomi s idea for a new high-end smartphone

Oppo recently demonstrated impressively that the Chinese company should not be underestimated. Now, with the Find X4 Pro, a new top smartphone has been announced, in which Oppo was somewhat inspired by Xiaomi. But the other technologies are also impressive. Oppo wants to show what the company can do.

Oppo Find X4 Pro with a second display

With the Oppo Find N, the Chinese manufacturer has shown the world what it can do. A folding phone that doesn't fold the display. That was impressive. With the Oppo Find X4 Pro, however, a "normal" smartphone is planned that should have some surprises to offer. LetsGoDigital has released CAD renders that show the smartphone and its properties. It should offer several special features :

As with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, a second display is to be installed next to the camera on the back. You can see yourself on it when you want to take a selfie with the main camera. In addition, further information and notifications can of course be displayed there. The Oppo Find X4 Pro is said to have a quad-curved display that is rounded on all four edges. In combination with the under-display camera , the smartphone should enable a truly borderless design for the first time. The leaked information also reveals that Oppo will install a quad camera .

Visually, the Oppo Find X4 Pro will differ significantly from the Find X3 Pro (for the test). Oppo is no longer trying to create a soft transition from the rear to the camera, but is making it with hard edges to make room for the display. Depending on the choice of material, the Oppo Find X4 Pro could really catch the eye .

The foldable smartphone from Oppo in the video:

Is the Oppo Find X4 Pro coming to Germany?

The Oppo Find N was not presented for Germany. It has caused a stir internationally and it has been distributed to various testers all over the world, but you cannot buy the folding cellphone from us, only in China. Hopefully that will not be the case with the Oppo Find X4 Pro and that the cell phone will come to us.


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