OnePlus phones at a discount: German customers can now benefit too

OnePlus phones at a discount: German customers can now benefit too

OnePlus brings its Red Cable Club to Germany. Through the benefits program, members receive a discount of up to 50 percent on certain OnePlus products. In addition, some products should be made accessible earlier.

OnePlus: Advantage program started with discounts

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus is now also offering its Red Cable Club in Europe. After the benefits program found many supporters in India, European users can now also receive a discount when ordering OnePlus products. In addition, there are no shipping costs for members.

In order to make the free offer even more palatable to interested parties, they can, if required, receive "the next premium audio product from OnePlus" earlier than the general public. These are likely to be the OnePlus Buds Z2 wireless mini headphones , which will likely be presented in December. The OnePlus 10 (Pro) mobile phone was not available earlier.

OnePlus has considered several membership levels, which are defined by a "value". The higher the "value", the greater the discount. The discount for cell phones is between 2 and 10 percent, for accessories even between 10 and 50 percent (source: OnePlus). Registration is via the OnePlus website or the OnePlus Store app.

Saving money when shopping online: This way you don't pay the full price.

OnePlus: More sales mean higher discounts

In order to be able to climb a higher membership level, orders must be placed in the OnePlus shop. Points collected in this way will then remain valid for a period of two years. For registration with the Red Cable Club there are 30 points as starting credit , for a subscription to the club (also free of charge) OnePlus lets you jump another 20 points. If notifications are activated on the mobile phone, the score increases by 5. The names of the levels are Explorer, Insider, Elite and Supreme.


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