New Xiaomi record: Miui has 500 million users

Xiaomi's growth has been dizzying since its founding, on April 6, 2010. And from its cornerstone, just over a decade ago; Xiaomi has enriched the world of technology , gaining more and more followers and admiration from its users.

xiaomi miui

For its part, Miui , which today stands out as one of the main advances of the Chinese company in terms of smartphones, was born as a kind of custom ROM that, from the beginning, was highly appreciated by modders. And since the first Xiaomi Mi 1 launched on the market, this interface has been enriching the increasingly large catalog of Xiaomi phones .

More than 500 million people use MIUI on Xiaomi devices

Specifically, more than 11 years have passed since the birth of this giant and, today, Xiaomi can celebrate a great achievement: having achieved that more than 500 million users worldwide use Miui .

We are talking about considerable growth. And, as we mentioned, its growth over time has attracted attention, since five years after its creation it already had around 100 million active users on this interface; although all of them were in the Asian continent.

xiaomi miui 500 million users

Miui lands in Europe and gets more users

It was the year of 2018 that meant Xiaomi's debut in Europe and, from this moment, this figure doubled. Then, a year later it already had 300 million users , later, 400 and at the beginning of 2021 it was approaching by leaps and bounds the figure of 500 million that it has today.

Today Xiaomi and Miui are the phones / custom operating system that are most used, partly thanks to their prices, which today are still better in quality / prices than their competition .

If it is true, that brands are increasingly adjusting their margins and Xiaomi increasing prices in some ranges , which could mean that the figure of 600 million users who use Miui, takes a little longer to arrive.


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