New WhatsApp function saves you embarrassing moments

New WhatsApp function saves you embarrassing moments

WhatsApp has many functions that make it easier to use Messenger. A feature has now been activated with which you can avoid embarrassing moments by simply checking again what you actually want to send. It's about voice messages.

Listen to WhatsApp voice messages before sending them

If you don't feel like typing long texts in WhatsApp, you will be happy to record a voice message. Often you can clarify your concerns so much better. But mistakes often happen that can lead to embarrassing situations. WhatsApp has introduced a new function to prevent this from happening again. All WhatsApp users can now listen to voice messages again before they are sent .

This may seem like a small thing at first, but it ensures that you can think again whether you really want to send the recorded voice message to the contact or the group via WhatsApp. If you listen to it again, you may notice mistakes that you did not notice during the recording.

Often you only realize afterwards what kind of voice message you have actually sent via WhatsApp, if you listen to it again after you have sent it. But then it is usually too late because other people have already been listening to it. You can now save yourself these embarrassing moments . All you have to do is install the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone and check your voice messages again before sending them.

If you are looking for a WhatsApp alternative:

WhatsApp protects you from stalking apps

Only recently it became known that WhatsApp protects you from being accessed by strangers. If you have never been in contact with a person, they cannot see your "last online" status and use stalking apps. This also applies if you actually make the "last online" status public for everyone. So far, such an activity profile could be created by users .


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