New Snapdragon: Android smartphones are always watching - xiaomist headlines

New Snapdragon: Android smartphones are always watching - xiaomist headlines

It's an announcement that worries: Qualcomm's new Snapdragon will enable an "Alays-On Camera". In this episode of the xiaomist Headlines you can find out exactly what it is used for and what else has happened this week.

New Snapdragon: The camera stays on!

Qualcomm has introduced the successor to the Snapdragon 888: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
On board, however, will not only be improved performance, but also a feature that no one asked for: support for an always-on camera.

As part of the AI ​​engine, the front camera with the new generation of chips can remain switched on permanently so that the user's face can be recognized and the smartphone can be unlocked without touching it. A usage scenario that Qualcomm mentions itself is that the display switches itself off when viewing confidential data when the camera detects that a stranger is looking at the display.

In addition, the manufacturer emphasizes that "security in the back of your mind" was taken into account when designing the concept. The recordings of the always-on camera should not be able to leave the image processor of the AI ​​engine.

Are graphics card supplies coming from China?

The demand is high, the supply low, the scalpers lie in wait. So much for the unchanged situation.
Now there could be a hint of movement in the matter, because a newcomer is pushing its way into the competitive market.

The Chinese manufacturer "Innosilicon" presented "Fantasy One", the first of its own series of graphics cards, this week. Including: a graphics card for servers and three desktop graphics cards.
In terms of performance, there are still no benchmarks from which we can read anything. From the specs, however, it can be assumed that the middle card is sorted in the GTX 1660 and the large one somewhere below the RTX 3060.

So no top models, but a lot of demand could certainly be met with it ... so as long as enough cards can be produced.

Nvidia revives RTX 2060

Nvidia has rummaged in the moth box and brought out the RTX 2060. The graphics card is now to be relaunched in a souped-up version.
What makes the new version special: 12 instead of 6 GB VRAM, increased power consumption of 184 W and with 2,176 more CUDA cores than the original.
In short: Nvidia is trying to raise the technology of the 2060 to a 2060 SUPER level.

We can already see in the next few weeks what that means in terms of price. The newly launched 2060 is scheduled to go live on December 7th.

After criticism: Browser selection under Windows 11 is simplified

Last week we reported that Microsoft was making the switch from Edge to a different browser under Windows 11 more and more difficult. Now the criticism has evidently been addressed a little.
Even if you can no longer ban the Edge from the system; In the latest Insider Preview, the standard apps now have the setting to make a browser the standard with just one click. Go then!

And 79 percent of you will probably make use of this if you switch to Windows 11, because: We asked you on YouTube how many really use the Edge. That was 21 percent.


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