New rumors would confirm Xiaomi s association with Leica for the launch of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Again the latest rumors suggest that Xiaomi could have partnered with Leica for the development of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera , a terminal that we would see debut in early 2022 and whose camera could exceed all expectations.

So at least they do not detail it from MyDrivers , stating that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera would be signed by Leica, thus giving it an extra quality and probably positioning this device as one of the best in terms of photography .

Xiaomi 12 Ultra, with Leica camera to overcome everything previously seen

This new rumor comes from the hand of Digital Chat Station , a renowned informant specialized in Xiaomi, who also ensures that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will debut in early 2022 , probably after the spring festival held in China (February 1, 2022).

Nuevos rumores confirmarían la asociación de Xiaomi con Leica para el lanzamiento del Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Noticias Xiaomi A
Possible design of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

If so, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra could position itself as a leader in platforms such as DxOMark , offering one of the best photographic experiences on the market in the hands of a terminal that could also renew its design and incorporate a circular photography module .

In short, when the river sounds, water carries ... and there are already many times that there has been talk of the possible association of Xiaomi with Leica. Now we just have to wait and see what our favorite brand has in store for us.

via | MyDrivers

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