MIUI Wonder Center, Xiaomi s last big bet that will reach all your devices

MIUI Wonder Center , this is the name of the latest great novelty that Xiaomi will integrate into MIUI 13 and that will completely change our way of interacting between devices , be they smartphones, televisions, smart speakers, tablets or even computers.

As they tell us from MIUIes , MIUI Wonder Center will be a new «center of wonders» with which Xiaomi intends for us to interconnect our smartphones with their televisions, speakers and practically any other intelligent device of the company.

MIUI Wonder Center, how it will work and which devices will be compatible

MIUI 13 will bring with it this new Wonder Center, allowing devices (mobile phones, televisions, speakers ...) to be interconnected with each other, so that between them we can transfer videos, audios or even applications .

MIUI Wonder Center, la última gran apuesta de Xiaomi que llegará a todos tus dispositivos. Noticias Xiaomi A

As if it were a universal system, MIUI Wonder Center will allow us to quickly and easily send content from one Xiaomi devices to another , be it from a smartphone to a TV, a table or even a smart speaker.

Although, at the moment the closed beta of MIUI Wonder Center has not been published , we already know the first devices that will be compatible with this new technology:

  • TVS
    • My TV 4A 32/40/43/50/55/58/65
    • My TV 4S 43/55/65/65 Pro / 75 ″
    • My TV 4C 40/43/50/58 ″
    • My TV 5A 43/50/55 ″
    • My TV 5S 43 ″ / Redmi TV 32 ″
    • My TV 4X 55 ″
    • My TV Full Screen Pro 43/55/65 ″
    • My TV 5/5 Pro 55/65/75 ″
    • Redmi Max 86/98 ″ / Mi TV Master 82 ″
    • My TV 6 OLED 55/65 ″
    • Xiaomi Sound
    • Xiaomi AI Speaker (Second generation)
    • Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker
    • Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro
    • Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker
    • Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro
    • Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Touch Screen Pro
    • Xiaomi Pad 5 Series
    • Xiaomi Laptops
    • Redmi Laptops

The MIUI Wonder Center entry , Xiaomi's last great bet that will reach all your devices was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website


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