MIUI 13 will debut a new dynamic font, Mi Sans

Although, just a few minutes ago we discovered the first devices to receive the Global version of MIUI 13, today the MIUIes team has shown us the new source that will incorporate this version of MIUI .

Through one of the latest updates to the beta program, Xiaomi has revealed the new "Mi Sans" font that we will see in MIUI 13 , a new letter design with a more modern and oval appearance than we can currently find in MIUI 12.

This is Mi Sans, the new font that will debut on MIUI 13

In MIUI 11, the system font was updated from Mi Lanting to Mi Lan Pro, thus starting the arrival of dynamic fonts to MIUI's Chinese ROM (the thickness and thinness of this vary depending on our needs).

MIUI 13 estrenará una nueva fuente dinámica, Mi Sans. Noticias Xiaomi A
Design of the new system font, Mi Sans

Well, now in MIUI 13 and thanks to the filtration that it has had through the new Xiaomi application, Sports Health, we have discovered the update of the system font to Mi Sans , a much more modern font in appearance, whose design is somewhat more oval.

This will probably also vary in design depending on the application or the mode in which we are , thus making it much easier to read whether we have the light or dark mode activated.

via | MIUIes

The MIUI 13 entry will release a new dynamic font, Mi Sans was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website


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