Meet the Xiaomi padlock with fingerprint

On security issues, at Xiaomi YouPin, we find a new launch: a padlock with a fingerprint from the Xiaofang brand. An ideal solution to increase the security of our suitcases, backpacks, handbags, lockers, etc.

Cerradura inteligente Xiaomi

What are the characteristics of this Xiaomi smart lock?

This Xiaomi Smart Lock, from the Xiaofang brand, is unlocked by fingerprint . However, not everything comes down to this element; since we have the option to control it through our smartphone , with the installation of the Xiaomi app.

We can say that it is an affordable device, but nonetheless, quite reliable . Since it has been manufactured in materials coated with a layer of zinc, characterized by its excellent resistance (this also improves its appearance).

Xiaomi smart lock

Likewise, the inclusion of a fingerprint reader stands out, which has the capacity to store up to 20 different users .

The Xiaomi padlock has dimensions of 40 X 84 X 18 mm and has a bluetooth range of 5 meters .

Touching other attractive details, we find a Type C charging cable , which charges a battery that, at 100%, allows us an autonomy of up to 150 days on standby or open 3,000 times .

Xiaomi padlock with footprint What is its price and availability?

Xiaomi smart lock

Xiaomi's new smart lock presented on YouPin can already be found on the Chinese brand's crowdfunding platform; Although, we can also find it for sale to the West in AliExpress, with a price of less than € 22 .

See padlock with Xiaomi fingerprint


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