Meet the new Xiaomi urban backpack

The possibilities seem limitless in the extensive world of Xiaomi products, and it is that beyond the phones that we all know, this Chinese giant also produces various gadgets, clothing, accessories, sneakers and backpacks . It is in this last section that we can find very interesting articles.

urban backpack xiaomi

Xiaomi day-to-day backpack

Well, when we talk about Xiaomi backpacks, there is a lot to talk about. Recently, a backpack has been presented on the market, the main feature of which is security (in fact, it is considered an anti-theft backpack ).

Features of the new Xiaomi urban backpack

This backpack is made of polyester almost entirely, with a minimalist design and modern appearance, which make it perfect for everyday use.

  • Due to the material it is made of, it is completely waterproof ; This way, we can stop worrying even if we go out with her in the rain .
  • Whether we are talking about a sporting event, going to work, college or just going out from home ; This backpack can adapt to everything.
  • Regarding the capacity, its 20L allow us to take with us whatever we need .

Xiaomi and Mijia urban backpack What is its price and availability?

As with many other Xiaomi launches, this backpack was presented first on the Chinese market, with a value of 39 yuan. Although, at present, we already have the possibility of buying it on AliExpress, with shipping to Europe for approximately 12 euros with free shipping!

See Xiaomi and Mijia urban backpack
urban mijia and xiaomi backpack


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