Meet the new Xiaomi smart power strip with 5 sockets

We know that Xiaomi gadgets for the home are among the most popular among its users, both in China and outside of the Asian country. Now, the latest innovation is a smart strip, called Xiaomi Smart Power Strip 2 ; that is to say, the second generation of Xiaomi's smart power strip.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip 2 What are its functions and features?

The Xiaomi Smart Power Strip 2 features a total of five universal connections, plus a switch. It is made of white ABS plastic and has dimensions of 264 mm long, 42 mm wide and 27 mm high.

On the other hand, we can get 10 amps, thanks to its maximum power of 2500 W. Likewise, a 1.8 meter cable is included, which facilitates its use and connection.

However, what stands out the most about the Xiaomi Smart Power Strip 2 is that we have the possibility of linking it with other devices via Bluetooth ; This also allows it to be part of the articles that we can connect to Mi Home .

In this way, we have the possibility to control it remotely with our phone away from home, or even thanks to the Xiaomi smart speaker.

Smart thief Xiaomi Smart Power Strip 2 What is its price and availability?

The new Xiaomi Smart Power Strip 2 will be sold in stores starting next December 12 in China, for a price of 69 yuan, which at the exchange rate would mean about 10 euros . In Europe, for now, we only have the option of getting it by importing through AliExpress , although with a slightly higher price, being 22 euros .

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