Meet the new Xiaomi HOTO mini compressor

We can find the ideal product for any occasion just by looking at YouPin. And now, Xiaomi has presented a practical mini compressor of the HOTO brand that can already be purchased through Banggood and Aliexpress with worldwide shipments.

código de descuento Xiaomi mini compresor HOTO |  Banggood

Hoto Compressor What are its features and functions?

As is already characteristic of many articles of the brand, the design has not been neglected and, this time, this new mini compressor has a simple and minimalist style, with square lines and a small body, perfect for It can be transported without problems (it is even easy to store in bags, backpacks, in the car, etc.).

Likewise, it is black and has a handle that makes it easy to hang or hold it to carry it from one side to the other. It has two buttons, one on / off and the other to turn on your flashlight.

Then it has a roulette where we can regulate the pressure exerted by this mini compressor.

discount code Xiaomi mini HOTO compressor | Banggood

Unlike previous versions, it is equipped with a larger battery , 2,500 mAh , which can be easily recharged thanks to its USB type C port (like the one on the mobile). On the other hand, the compression capacity is 150 PSI .

  • Features 0.05 bar accuracy and powerful LED flashlight

Xiaomi Hoto Compressor What is your price and shipping availability?

The new Xiaomi HOTO mini compressor is now available, both on YouPin, Banggood and Aliexpress. Its price is less than € 37 with the discount code: Bgdc9ebe

See Hoto mini compressor at Banggood

See Hoto mini compressor on Aliexpress

Xiaomi HOTO mini compressor | Banggood


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