Meet the new multipurpose knife from Xiaomi and Nextool

When we are talking about pocket knives, multipurpose devices and survival tools, there is one brand that stands out from the rest: NexTool ; being, in addition, one of the most active within Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform. And now, it has launched a new utility knife , ideal for any outing or mishap.

Xiaomi Nextool

Features of the new NexTool Swiss Army Knife

As we have mentioned, it is a new multipurpose tool; although, this gadget is more complete than it may seem at first glance .

Its measurements are 7.5 x 2 x 1.9 cm and it is made of both ABS plastic (which stands out for its resistance), and stainless steel . With regard to the tools it has, there are more than 10 , so it can be useful in a wide variety of situations.

Xiaomi Nextool

For example, we have the now traditional small-sized knife, but we also find a flat screwdriver, a file, scissors, a can opener, a cross wrench, a rope hook , among others.

An original and novel feature is that this new release of NexTool can also work without major problem as a kind of support for our smartphone , either horizontally or vertically. And on the other hand, it includes a pin designed to open the SIM compartment of our device or restart routers, etc.

Xiaomi Nextool

What is the price of the Xiaomi and Nextool multipurpose knife and where to buy it?

Xiaomi's new multipurpose device Nextool can now be found on AliExpress for a price of just € 10 , with shipments to Spain and other European countries.

  • You can choose between black, green, red, blue and brown.

See Xiaomi Swiss Army Knife

Nextool multipurpose gadget from Xiaomi YouPin | AliExpress


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