MacBook Pro causes problems: battery does not charge properly

MacBook Pro causes problems: battery does not charge properly

Some owners of the new MacBook Pro complain about problems with the notebook's battery. With the 16-inch version, the battery shouldn't always be charged. Problems with external monitors have also been reported.

MacBook Pro: Complaints about MagSafe

Apple's third generation of MagSafe is used in the new MacBook Pro. The charging technology is usually noticeable with fast power transmission and a locking mechanism. Now, however, the first users of the 16-inch version of the MacBook Pro are reporting difficulties during the charging process .

At Reddit, affected users vent their anger: When it is switched off , the MagSafe charging port sometimes flashes orange to indicate that the MacBook Pro is not charging properly. When charging via USB-C, however, the problem should not occur (source: Reddit). So far, no owners of the smaller MacBook Pro have come up with similar reports.

Apple is already aware of the problem. As an interim solution , we recommend charging the new MacBook Pro either in sleep mode or with the lid open. Alternatively, it can help if the MagSafe cable is connected before the MacBook Pro shuts down.

In the video: This is what the MacBook Pro does.

MacBook Pro: External monitors remain in a deep sleep

In addition to the charging difficulties, another problem is emerging. If the MacBook Pro is connected to an external monitor , it sometimes no longer wakes up when the lid of the notebook is opened. There is also talk of unusual image flickering.

However, it is still unclear whether it is a problem with the MacBook Pro or one with macOS Monterey. In the latter case, a software update could be enough to reliably wake up connected monitors again.


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