MacBook Pro 2021: Apple fulfills major customer request with update

MacBook Pro 2021: Apple fulfills major customer request with update

The impressive mini LED screen with ProMotion technology has so far only been able to develop its full performance to a limited extent on the MacBook Pro 2021. This will change with the upcoming update to macOS 12.2 and Apple is fulfilling a long-awaited customer request.

Update from December 17th, 2021: A few hours ago Apple published the first developer version of macOS 12.2 , but held back with information about changes and improvements. In the meantime, resourceful experts discover far-reaching new things. Not only is Apple completely turning the Music app inside out and turning it into a fully native macOS application, users of a new MacBook Pro from 2021 (14 and 16 inch) will also be delighted.

Because it seems that Apple now supports smooth scrolling in Safari and thus uses the full potential of the integrated ProMotion display with up to 120 Hz (source: 9to5Mac). A major customer wish is thus fulfilled. In November, Apple published a new Safari Technology Preview in this regard, with macOS 12.2 the function will now officially find its way to the Mac.

The final release of macOS 12.2 cannot be expected until next year, until then the development work will still take place.

Original article:

Apple users are spoiled by the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) and iPad Pro. There the ProMotion display with refresh rates of up to 120 Hz ensures smooth scrolling within websites. Not so with the new MacBook Pros with 14- and 16-inch screens. They also have a display with ProMotion technology, but they "forgot" to give macOS Monterey support for their own apps such as Safari. Somehow "stupid", because one of the most important reasons for using such screens with high frame rates is no longer applicable. Accordingly, there were justifiably many complaints.

MacBook Pro 2021: 120 Hz scrolling only with the new Safari Technology Preview

At least Apple is able to learn and gives an outlook on a better future. In the so-called "Safari Technology Preview" with the update to version number 135, the missing support for the 120 Hz display of the new MacBook Pros 2021 can be found (source: 9to5Mac). It finally supports smooth scrolling animations.

Important to know: The "Technology Preview" is an experimental developer version of Safari. This includes upcoming web technologies and features that will only be integrated into the final version at a later point in time. Kind of a beta version, if you will. They can not only be downloaded by developers, but also by normal users. Ergo: Everyone can already convince themselves of the full performance of the MacBook Pro 2021.

The new MacBook Pro 2021 offers even more, as you can see in the video :

As I said, it will take a while before Apple integrates the feature into the regular version of Safari. The "Safari Technology Preview" can be downloaded free of charge and requires at least either macOS 12 or macOS 11.

MacBooks difficult to deliver

At the moment, longer delivery times must be expected when ordering the new models. If you order from Apple, you wait at least until the beginning of mid-December. Retailers like Amazon are sometimes even worse off and usually cannot give a specific date for the MacBook Pro 2021 (see Amazon). So if you want to expect a delivery before Christmas, you shouldn't hesitate any longer with an order.


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