Is LG secretly developing for Apple? Rumor fuels speculation

Is LG secretly developing for Apple? Rumor fuels speculation

It's actually an open secret, Apple cannot and does not want to develop anything itself. "Development aid" is currently coming from the Korean manufacturer LG. Rumor has it that he will develop three new screens for Apple. What's behind it?

The insider "@dylandkt", who has been appearing again and again recently and is usually very well informed, reports in his latest tweet about the existence of three new LG screens. They are all in unbranded cases. However, there are various indications that these displays will ultimately be developed for Apple and thus for the Mac (source: Twitter account from @dylandkt).

Three new Apple screens from LG

Two of the three screens should share the specifications with the already known displays of the current iMac (24 inch) and the future iMac Pro (27 inch). Just a coincidence? Probably not, there is speculation in this context about new, external screens for Apple's product portfolio. Also mentioned is a 32-inch model with its own Apple chip , possibly a successor to the current Pro Display XDR, Apple's currently only external monitor. However, it is extremely expensive and could not only use a successor, but also cheaper sister models.

We already know the cheapest and smallest of the new displays, it is in the current iMac:

Interesting to know: The two larger versions (27 and 32 inches) should use mini-LED technology , equivalent to the displays in the iPad Pro (12.9 inches) and the new MacBook Pros. In this context, there is also support for ProMotion. Ergo: A dynamic refresh rate of up to 120 Hz could be available.

These features are partly congruent with previous reports from other insiders on the upcoming iMac Pro. It should have the same display (27 inches). The mentioned successor to the Pro Display XDR, which could use an Apple A13 chip, also haunted the rumor mill.

Useful for an additional, external screen:

Release date still unclear

It is still unclear when Apple could introduce the new Mac displays. According to the latest report , the three screens are in the early stages of development . So there should still be some time in the country. So we shouldn't expect it to appear anytime soon.


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