iPhone users breathe easy: useful Bluetooth tip makes everything easier

iPhone users breathe easy: useful Bluetooth tip makes everything easier

Anyone who uses Bluetooth headphones and speakers with multiple devices knows the problem. You always have to switch between iPhone, Mac and Co. and then pair the Bluetooth devices again, which is complicated. With my tip, this is now easier and therefore faster, at least on the iPhone.

It was about time I treated myself to new headphones again this year. But not from Apple. Sorry, but I won't spend hundreds of euros on a pair of circumaural AirPods. So I chose the much cheaper alternative from Anker - the Soundcore Life Q30 is currently available for less than 70 euros with a discount code (see Amazon). In contrast to its predecessors, the Q30's active noise suppression is even good. In direct comparison with Bose, Sony and also Apple there is certainly still some catching up to do, but in view of the price I cannot complain.

Pairing iPhone with Bluetooth headphones easier: Here's how

Positive: The Soundcore Life Q30 connects like other modern Bluetooth headphones to two devices at the same time . It's just stupid if that's not enough for me. At the moment I mainly use the headphones with the MacBook, the iPhone and the Fire TV from Amazon, because unfortunately my TV itself does not have a Bluetooth connection. So in the end, at least one device makes "too much". Means: I happily log off the headphones and log back on to the device of choice that is currently not connected - even several times a day. The easiest way to do this is on a Mac, just click with the mouse in the menu bar. With the iPhone, on the other hand, there are two options: Either via the control center, then a long finger tap on the Bluetooth symbol, then again on the Bluetooth symbol and then scroll through a long list of devices and connect the headphones. Alternatively and a little faster, open the settings, go to Bluetooth and then scroll through the same list, search and tap. Can't it be easier?

What I want: Connect the headphones I want to my iPhone with just a single tap of the finger. Is that possible? I will explain it briefly.

Noice canceling headphones - what is that anyway? We clarify:

The shortcut app from Apple is helpful in my project, which is now included with every iPhone. I will use the app to create a "shortcut" that will be stored on the iPhone's home screen and connected to the Bluetooth headphones with just a single tap of the finger, whenever the automatic connection fails on many devices due to the jungle. Important in advance: Before we start, the desired headphones or speakers should already be actively connected to the iPhone .

We open the shortcuts app , go to "All shortcuts" and start a new script, just tap the plus symbol in the right corner. Now we tap on the button "Add action" and decide on the point "Scripts" , now we select the area "Configure Bluetooth" - point 1 of the script is done. Now tap on the plus symbol again, in the sub-item "Program sequence " we tap on "Wait" . Now we adjust the time, tap on the seconds and turn it into a 5 . Explanation: The script should be given some time to scan the iPhone for nearby Bluetooth devices, otherwise it may end without result. The last step in the script follows, we tap the plus symbol again. In the "Device" sub-item, you select "Set playback target" . The iPhone is stored by default, but we want to change this. We tap on it and switch to the desired Bluetooth headphones or speakers . The script or shortcut is now ready and can be saved. To do this, we tap on "Next" in the top right corner and assign a name and then tap on "Done" .

Afterwards we will find the shortcut under "My shortcuts". We can also test it there right away. We deactivate / activate Bluetooth briefly, tap on the shortcut and et voilà, as if by magic, our desired device is now explicitly connected to the iPhone.

Don't forget: put the shortcut on the home screen

But how do we get the shortcut on the homescreen? Nothing easier than that: We tap the circle with the 3 dots on the shortcut, and we are now back in the script view . Now tap the menu circle again and select "To home screen" . Then we can now define the app icon and description - for example, it is possible to use your own photos. With "Add" the shortcut ends up on the home screen.

Now, like every app, we can move it to the desired position on the home screen. From now on, all you need to do is tap the app icon and the Bluetooth headphones are connected to the iPhone - wonderful! No more endless navigation through lists and settings. Does it all sound a little complicated to start with? Just be courageous, in the end it is easier than you think and it is easy on your nerves in the future. Just try it.


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