iPhone SE 3 already within reach: Apple doesn t waste any time

iPhone SE 3 already within reach: Apple doesn t waste any time

Apple is pushing the tube on the iPhone SE 3: According to reports from China, the first test production for the cheap iPhone has already started. The smartphone could hit the market as early as spring 2022.

Report: Apple iPhone SE 3 almost ready to go

There were still a few years between the first and second iPhone SE, but that should not be repeated with the third edition of the slimmed-down iPhone. It has long been known that Apple is planning an iPhone SE 3. New reports from China make it clear how soon the cell phone could hit the market. According to them , Apple has already started test production (source: MyDrivers via MacRumors). If nothing goes wrong here, the iPhone SE 3 can be expected in the near future.

Apple may be using an event in March or April 2022 to showcase the third iteration of the iPhone SE. Regarding the equipment, rumors indicate that the smartphone can also handle 5G for the first time. The Apple processor A15 takes care of that. Better camera performance can also be expected.

Another point makes it clear that the iPhone SE 3 is not the big leap. Apparently Apple would like to stick with the familiar design and the screen should also continue to have a diagonal of 4.7 inches. For some customers, however, this is more of an advantage, especially since Apple would like to say goodbye to the iPhone mini series in 2022.

What we think of the current iPhone SE (2020) can be seen in the video:

iPhone SE 3: will Apple stick to the old price?

In order to be able to continue to offer a cheaper alternative to other iPhones and Android phones, Apple should keep the price of the iPhone SE 3 within a reasonable range. The current model is available from 479 euros (see Apple).


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