iPhone Glows Extremely: The Real Reason

iPhone Glows Extremely: The Real Reason

Have you already registered? In some situations, the iPhone's display shines particularly brightly, even if the luminosity has already been manually set to the highest level. But why is it like that? We have the explanation ready.

The typical maximum luminance (candela per square meter or nits) of a modern iPhone is 625 or 800 nits. But actually the screen can do even more. Sometimes parts of the display shine with up to an incredible 1,200 nits , i.e. almost twice as brightly depending on the iPhone . But you can't make an Apple mobile phone shine like this manually via the control center, it only happens automatically in certain situations. And when is this the case?

Extremely bright screen on the iPhone? The reason: HDR!

Whenever content is played back according to the HDR standard - i.e. certain photos and videos. As the name ( High Dynamic Range Image) suggests, these are high-contrast images with a high dynamic range . Apple writes regarding the iPhone screens on its own website:

"Super Retina and Super Retina XDR also have High Dynamic Range (HDR), which provides a wide range of dark and light areas in photos and videos. Deep black and brilliant white are displayed, as are the many intermediate levels that add tension to the image. Photos become more vivid - and in Dolby Vision, HDR10 or HLG they pull the viewer even more under their spell. "

Robert explains briefly what HDR actually is:

These iPhones can do it

In short: Bright is really bright and actually brighter than the highest level in "normal operation" of the iPhone. Just to be clear, HDR is not an Apple invention . The standard can also be found on televisions and other smartphones . There, too, suitable content, for example certain films on Netflix, is displayed correspondingly brilliantly. By the way, not every iPhone is compatible with the aforementioned technology and shines like this. The iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, the entire series of the iPhone 12 (from the mini to the Pro Max) and of course the new models of the iPhone 13 (mini) and iPhone 13 Pro (Max) can use the "brightness boost" . However, the simple iPhone 11 and older models fail because of this.

And why is it not possible to select the said maximum brightness of 1,200 nits manually? There is a good reason for this, and it may be due to the durability of the screens . They do not shine so brightly for their entire "lifetime". If you want to have something of it for a long time, the brightness level should not be constantly on "stop". In this respect, Apple protects the customers here a little bit from themselves, if you like.


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