iPhone and Co: Apple wants more freedom for itself

iPhone and Co: Apple wants more freedom for itself

In the development of the iPhone and all other devices, Apple has not been able to act completely freely to this day, after all, you are always tied to suppliers and do not do everything yourself. Nevertheless, the manufacturer would like to claim more freedom for itself in the future and is taking action to achieve this the wallet.

Research and development costs money, but secures the future of the company and ultimately ensures more freedom and independence. Apple is also aware of this and is currently investing in building a new team . Its task is the development and production of new cell phone chips. The aim is to carry out a larger part of Apple's chip development in-house (source: Bloomberg).

For iPhone and Co: More chips on your own

The new team is based in Irvine, California. Coincidentally, Broadcom and Skyworks also have offices nearby. Apple is currently still installing their chips in the iPhone. In the future, however, Apple would like to manufacture the relevant components itself. One is probably speculating on being able to poach one or the other Broadcom and Skyworks employee directly. According to Bloomberg, the team will work on wireless technologies and integrated radio frequency circuits. The focus is also on semiconductors for connecting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The current iPhone 13 is not only equipped with Apple technology:

Corresponding supply contracts are currently still in place between Broadcom and Apple , but they will expire in 2023. By then, at the latest, Apple could take action and replace the corresponding chips with self-made ones.

Apple is working on 5G modems

Speaking of 2023, according to current reports, Apple will then also install its own 5G modems in the iPhone and part with Qualcomm . A "secret" plan that has been in preparation for years and, among other things, has already resulted in Apple buying up Intel's modem division. This is also an important step towards more freedom and independence for Apple.


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