iPhone 14: Apple takes part in the pixel battle

iPhone 14: Apple takes part in the pixel battle

In a few months, Apple will most likely be presenting the iPhone 14 to us. In this case, Apple should then plunge into the pixel battle and at least go for it with the cameras of the Pro models.

Update from December 21, 2021: Now the very well-informed Apple expert and insider Ming-Chi Kuo confirms the rumors about a camera with 48 megapixels for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro (source: MacRumors). According to him, only the Pro models will receive the new, high-performance camera.

For the first time, these also allow video recordings in 8K resolution , compared to the current limitation of 4K. Good to know: These high-resolution 8K videos would be suitable for viewing on Apple's AR / VR headset, which is known to be on the market next year. The iPhone 14 Pro should also support the so-called "pixel binning", depending on the lighting conditions, pictures with 48 or 12 megapixels can be recorded, the image quality is always retained. A technology that is already used in some Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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iPhone 14 Pro receives 8 GB of RAM and a 48 megapixel camera

Anyone who compares the technical data of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) with the Android competition from Xiaomi, Samsung and Co. cannot avoid recording a certain lag. If the Android bolides rely on massive amounts of RAM and cameras with a comparatively multiple number of million pixels, Apple's top smartphone is content with a modest 6 GB of RAM and 12 megapixels . This should change in the next year.

This is the conclusion of the expert Jeff Pu. He predicts improvements in this regard for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. In the future , the professional models will have 8 GB of RAM and an equally improved camera. The latter then offers a full 48 megapixels in the wide-angle range, in the ultra-wide and telephoto range, however, it remains at 12 megapixels (source: MacRumors).

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Apple vs. Android: catching up on paper

With values ​​like this, Apple is catching up with the Android competition, but is this absolutely necessary? It's an open secret; Apple is the efficiency champion. So far, the Android competition has simply been forced to use more RAM in order to offer a performance comparable to that of the iPhone. And even then, Apple's cell phone still triumphs, even though there is less memory available on paper. And with the camera, too, the actual optics and nowadays the software (key point: artificial intelligence) decide more about a good image than the pure number of pixels.

Apple's race to catch up is therefore "nice", but not absolutely necessary from today's point of view. In any case, both points appear plausible and have already been mentioned in some cases by other experts.

We have the answer to this much asked question:

Further statements by Jeff Pu, on the other hand, are rather confusing and should be viewed with skepticism. He also expects screens with 120 Hz for the normal versions of the iPhone 14, but display expert Ross Young sees it differently. The well-informed insider recently contradicted this assumption. In addition, Pu predicts a memory size of only 64 GB for the standard model. Which is rather unlikely, after all, the iPhone 13 already has 128 GB. A step backwards is probably not to be expected here.


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