iPhone 13: Patient Apple customers sense their chance

iPhone 13: Patient Apple customers sense their chance

Would you like a new iPhone 13? Not for as many customers as Apple had hoped. The Californians' new flagship smartphone may not be slow, but it doesn't want to run really smoothly either. The chance for the patient is approaching.

iPhone 13: Apple prepares partners for collapse in demand

At first it was the replenishment of important components, including chips, that failed to materialize. The result is unusually long delivery times for the iPhone 13. A few weeks after the market launch , demand is already falling noticeably. According to internal sources, Apple has made this clear to its suppliers (source: Bloomberg).

This shows that buyers are showing less interest. After unsuccessful attempts to get one of the hard-to-get 13-series models , Apple's customers are now probably defeated. Actually the hope of the group was to be able to satisfy the high demand with fresh parts in the coming year, albeit belatedly.

Apple should already speak to partners about not needing the orders as initially stated. The company has not issued an official statement.

But how does the decreasing interest in the iPhone 13 fit together with the fact that Apple's new release is a challenge for competitors like Xiaomi? On the one hand, if loyal Apple fans do not get an iPhone 13, they will not switch directly to Android for a long time. According to Bloomberg analysts, it is likely that they will simply skip the 13 series instead . Nevertheless, the company is still on course for a new record quarter in terms of sales. So the demand is worse than expected, but by no means objectively bad.

Need a little help with decision-making? These are the different models of the iPhone 13 series:

Apple customers will soon be able to strike

The changes since the iPhone 12 are also moderate, so it will be worthwhile for many to simply wait a few more months for the iPhone 14 in the next year. With rising inflation and new pandemic worries, many consumers don't have enough money.

Apple has already cut its production targets for the current year. But what worries Apple could pay off for its staunch customers. As general demand for the iPhone 13 decreases, the chance that availability will normalize will increase. Waiting could be rewarded.


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