iPhone 13 beaten: Android smartphones can finally keep up

iPhone 13 beaten: Android smartphones can finally keep up

The iPhone 13 is currently considered the most powerful smartphone in the world. No other cell phone can compete with the Apple A15 Bionic. This is exactly what is changing now, because at least in one area the Android smartphones are now catching up or even outperforming the Apple chip.

New Qualcomm chip beats iPhone 13

Every year various manufacturers of processors for Android devices try to beat Apple. It has not been possible for years. The performance of Apple's A-chips is simply unmatchable. This year at least a partial success is achieved. The brand new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which will be installed in many high-end Android smartphones in the future, can at least keep up with the Apple A15 Bionic and even outperform it thanks to the new Vulkan GPU :

It was previously reported that the graphics performance of the new Qualcomm processor will take a big step forward. Now the benchmarks show that you can even keep up with Apple. Accordingly, one can assume that the Exynos 2200 from Samsung will have a similar performance for the Galaxy S22 .

As already reported above, this is only a partial success because the CPU performance still cannot keep up with an Apple A15 Bionic . The iPhone 13 will therefore continue to be superior to most Android smartphones in the future. The in-house development of the chip and the perfect adaptation of the software by Apple continue to pay off. You stay at the top and will definitely go a step further next year.

In the video we show you the differences between the iPhone 13 models:

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 soon in first Android phones

The new Qualcomm processor will be used in various Android smartphones. For example in the Xiaomi 12, which will be announced soon. But many other smartphones such as the Realme GT 2 Pro will also use this high-end chip. At the latest when the devices come onto the market, it will be possible to examine whether the performance is really that high.


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