iPhone 13: Apple finally gives in when it comes to replacing the display

iPhone 13: Apple finally gives in when it comes to replacing the display

Anyone who owns an iPhone 13 (Pro) and replaces their display has been faced with a problem so far. In this case, Apple simply blocks Face ID if the new display has not been changed by the manufacturer. This is over now, because iOS 15.2 lifts the lock again.

iPhone 13: Display replacement without Face ID lock

Apple understands and is making repairs to the iPhone 13 a little easier . Shortly after the iPhone 13 series was released, it was noticed that Apple was using an artificial Face ID lock. This is always noticeable when the owner does not have the screen of the cell phone replaced by Apple itself, but by an unauthorized third-party provider. A change on your own also led to the annoying ban.

As the repair experts at iFixit have now found out, the lock no longer exists since iOS 15.2 . However, Apple is silent on this and does not even mention the welcome change in the information on the new version. iOS 15.2 has been distributed since mid-December 2021.

In addition, Apple would like to offer original spare parts for the iPhone 12 and 13 for the first time from 2022, including instructions and tools for everyone, as recently became known. The display, battery and camera start here.

In the video: This is what the iPhone 13 models offer.

iPhone Repair: Other Problems Remaining

Aside from the display, similar repair difficulties persist. The iPhone issues warnings and restrictions when the screen, battery, or camera is replaced. Apple then hides the health of the battery and True Tone for the display is permanently deactivated.

Nevertheless, iFixit has raised the repairability rating of the iPhone 13 (Pro) from 5 to 6 points (source: iFixit). The maximum number of points of 10 is still only achieved by Fairphone cell phones.


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