iPad now makes even more sense: Apple is stepping up

iPad now makes even more sense: Apple is stepping up

For some time now, Apple has been trying to establish the iPad, especially the Pro models, as a real alternative to the MacBook. Now the iPhone manufacturer is taking another, maybe even the decisive step and is stepping up. If you want to develop apps for the iPhone, you no longer need a Mac, an iPad is sufficient.

Now possible: develop iPhone apps with an iPad

Develop apps for the iPhone? Up to now only worked with Xcode on the Mac, Apple has not yet supported other platforms. With the release of version 4 of Swift Playgrounds for the iPad, this changes immediately. Thanks to the new tool, apps for iPhone and iPad can now be developed directly on the Apple tablet .

Apple writes in a recent update about the update:

Develop iPhone and iPad apps directly on your iPad with SwiftUI (requires iPadOS 15.2 or later). Thanks to the App Store Connect integration, finished apps can be uploaded to the App Store. The app preview shows your app changes live. With the full-screen preview you can see your app in full size. Intelligent inline code suggestions help you program quickly and precisely. App projects make it easy to move projects to Xcode and vice versa. The project-wide search function finds results in several files. The code snippet library includes hundreds of SwiftUI controls, icons, and colors. With support for Swift packages, you can include publicly available code to optimize your apps.

The important step was already announced at the WWDC in June:

Apple's Mac monopoly falls

With this important step, the Mac monopoly in app development for iPhone and iPad is finally falling. Will all developers now switch platforms and ignore the Mac as a tool? Probably not really, Swift Playgrounds is more of an addition for professionals and a new option for beginners . You no longer have to buy a Mac, but can get started right away and learn programming in a simple way. Above all, Apple should have a lot of young talent in its sights.

But they also need access to Apple's App Store Connect. Ergo: A developer account is required. If you only want to "tinker" around for yourself, you can use it free of charge. However, if you want to sell apps in the App Store and do a lot more, you need paid access to the Apple Developer Program - costs 99 US dollars a year.


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