iOS 15.3: New features of the iPhone update remain in the dark

iOS 15.3: New features of the iPhone update remain in the dark

Shortly before the holidays, Apple has a little surprise in store for developers, because with the announcement of iOS 15.3 there is already the first beta of the future iPhone update. What's new? Well, Apple is probably making a secret of this.

Just a few days ago, and thus punctually before the end of the year, Apple released iOS 15.2, the second, larger service update of iOS 15 for the iPhone. With numerous innovations in the package, for example the app data protection report. But the work does not stop, now Apple is already distributing iOS 15.3 in a first preliminary version to the developers , as well as iPadOS 15.3 for the iPad (source: Apple).

iOS 15.3 has nothing new to offer

Of course you ask yourself: What innovations are in the update? The answer to this is currently still sobering. This is how the 9to5Mac experts sum up their search:

"For 9to5Mac it was possible to download, analyze and even install multiple builds of iOS 15.3 beta 1. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot of new things in these builds. More precisely, there are some internal changes related to Siri APIs and a few tweaks to Apple apps like News, but overall, iOS 15.3 beta 1 only comes with bug fixes and general improvements. "

Good to know, how do we actually set up iOS on a new iPhone? The answer in the video follows:

Which features might Apple still hold back?

So does so little new justify the bigger step towards iOS 15.3? It seems that the real innovations still remain in the dark and may only be revealed as development progresses. After all, there are still one or two features that Apple owes us and that are demonstrably late. This includes support for seamless control (Universal Control) between iPads and Macs and support for ID cards in Apple's wallet, but the latter function is only relevant for the US market anyway.

It is quite possible that Apple is planning to integrate both features in iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3; in any case, Universal Control was officially postponed to spring 2022.

Speaking of which, when could Apple target a release for iOS 15.3? According to the hidden build name ("Winter2022"), should a release be due sometime between January and March 2022 , maybe a little too early for Universal Control? We'll have to be surprised by Apple and wait for the next beta versions in the coming weeks.


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