Instead of 7.99 euros a year: Get a practical iPhone app for free - for life

Instead of 7.99 euros a year: Get a practical iPhone app for free - for life

No more paperwork: the iPhone app PDF Archiver brings order to your desk again. Instead of having to pay 7.99 euros a year for the subscription, the lifelong license is now available free of charge - but only for a short time.

Many apps have now switched to the subscription model. Of course, this makes sense from a developer's point of view. Instead of being satisfied with a one-off purchase, users can be asked to checkout on a regular basis. Julian Kahnert, the creator behind PDF Archiver, also relies on a subscription and regularly charges 7.99 per year. The lifetime license for the practical iPhone app is currently available free of charge .

PDF Archiver: Lifetime license for iPhone app currently free of charge

With PDF Archiver, the name says it all: the application allows documents to be scanned with the device camera and then stores them in the iCloud. The trick is that the documents collected there are analyzed and the appropriate tags and date are suggested to the user. This should make sorting easier and ensure more order in the digital chaos.

However, anyone who has concerns about data protection can not be concerned. PDF Archiver advertises that word processing takes place exclusively on the device and that no cloud services are used. In addition, the app is 100 percent open source. The source code can be viewed on Github.

In addition to an iPhone app, PDF Archiver is also available on the iPad and Mac.

You shouldn't do without these apps:

Good ratings for PDF Archiver in the App Store

In the App Store, PDF Archiver can currently point to good ratings with 4.5 out of 5 possible stars, even if the total number of ratings is at least currently in the double-digit range. "This is how filing documents is fun," writes one user. Another praises the quick and uncomplicated contact with the developer.

According to myDealz, the lifetime license of the iPhone app will only be free this weekend . So it pays to be quick.


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