ING customers: You will soon be able to save real money with these app functions

ING customers: You will soon be able to save real money with these app functions

With the end of the free giro card, ING has offended some customers. Because in fact, you are gradually abolishing the free current account. Anyone who uses the ING "Banking to Go" app can easily get rid of the extra costs.

With the latest update of the "Banking to Go" app, the direct bank ING has taken a step towards its customers. After the upcoming pricing of the giro card had recently caused displeasure, the new function should now do well.

ING makes saving easier: cancel chargeable giro cards via the app

Users of the ING app can use it to cancel their giro card directly, without a lot of effort, so you can save yourself further forms. Speaking of savings: those who cancel the giro card in good time will avoid the additional costs from March 2022 . The ING then charges card holders a fee of 99 cents per month.

Officially, the function should only be available from the beginning of December (source: ING). However, users report that it can already be found in the app. Accordingly, it has been possible to cancel the giro card for a few days with the current update of the "Banking to Go" app:

ING customers should wait to cancel

However, it is advisable to wait a little longer. The ING giro card will not be charged until next spring; the first debit will take place in April 2022. But if you cancel the card via the app function or in online banking, it will immediately become unusable. You should be sure that you no longer need them.

A few tips can also save money when shopping online. You can find out how to do it in the video :

If you decide differently, you can order a new giro card. This should also be possible via the app - at least if you have already canceled it as an existing ING customer.

This does not apply to new customers, they also receive the free giro card when they open an account. If you don't want to pay for it from March, you have to unsubscribe yourself. There are no special notice periods, you can get rid of the annoying costs on a monthly basis. If that's too much for you, you can find free checking accounts in our article.


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