iMac 2022: Long-awaited model release period comes to light

iMac 2022: Long-awaited model release period comes to light

Although there was a new iMac with an Apple chip this year, quite a few potential customers are missing a special model. Specifically, it's about a variant with a larger display. Now it comes to light when Apple finally wants to introduce us to this long-awaited model.

As fast and powerful as the iMac with Apple's M1 chip may be, its 24-inch display remains a bit too small for many buyers. If you want it bigger, Apple feeds you with the old Intel model (27 inch), because there is no successor for this yet. It shouldn't appear until next year, but when?

iMac Pro 2022 in XL comes in spring

Insider and display expert Ross Young reveals more now. According to his information, Apple should schedule the release period for next spring (source: DSCC). On paper, this corresponds to the range between March 20 and June 21, 2022. Ergo: At some point in the period in question, Apple should again invite you to a spring event and then present us the new iMac in "XL".

In all likelihood and according to current reports, Apple will introduce this model as the "iMac Pro". A "normal" iMac with a larger display like before is no longer available. For customers this means: Big screen equals Pro, small screen equals Standard model, it's that simple.

Something similar but bigger, faster and above all more expensive:

Previously, it was speculated that Apple was considering using a larger display beyond 27 inches. But it shouldn't come to that anymore, it remains at 27 inches. However, based on mini LED technology and with ProMotion support. Ergo: Fast image changes with up to 120 images per second are possible.

First of all, the new iMac Pro is unlikely to be that flexible:

Not a bargain from Apple

As befits a Pro model, the iMac Pro, equivalent to the MacBook Pro, also has the more powerful chips . You can choose between the Apple M1 Pro and the M1 Max. The normal M1, on the other hand, cannot be found in the upcoming iMac Pro.

This is good news for performance-hungry professionals, but "horror news" for bargain hunters. Why? We could already see with the MacBook Pro: It will be expensive, really expensive. As a precaution, we are already counting on prices well in excess of 2,000 euros - that's for sure.


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