iMac 2022: Apple is calling off the revolution

iMac 2022: Apple is calling off the revolution

The next 27-inch iMac from Apple will probably not be equipped with mini-LED technology. According to new reports from supplier circles, Apple has opted for a conventional LC display instead. Production is said to have already started.

Apple iMac 2022: 27-inch model without mini-LEDs

After the iMac with 24 inches, Apple is also upgrading the larger version. So far it has been speculated that the screen will rely on mini LEDs for backlighting. This has apparently not been confirmed, as reports from China show. According to them, a completely normal LC display is now being used (source: DigiTimes). The speculations had also picked up speed because the iPad Pro is now using mini LEDs.

Nevertheless, the display of the 27-inch iMac should not be a disappointment. Compared to its predecessor, the LED chips used should be "30 to 40 percent better" and thus enable higher brightness values. On the other hand, nothing should change in the size of the display, it will probably remain at a diagonal of 27 inches. Previously, there had also been rumors of a bigger screen.

Just like the new edition of the 24-inch iMac, which was presented with an Apple chip in April 2021, the larger version should also be available in many different colors . With the smaller iMac, customers can choose between seven different colors. It remains unclear whether Apple will also present the 27-inch iMac in exactly these colors.

Many features of the smaller iMac 2021 should also be found in the larger model from 2022:

Big iMac 2022: Production starts

Suppliers say that production of the larger iMac has already begun, albeit initially only in small numbers. Apple may show the model at an event in March or April 2022 .


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