Huawei manager reveals: popular smartphone series is coming back

Huawei manager reveals: popular smartphone series is coming back

What's next with Huawei? In an informative interview, Huawei manager Derek Yu answered questions. In addition to the European launch of HarmonyOS 2.0, the comeback of a popular smartphone series has also been announced.

For Huawei, the coming year is unlikely to be any easier than 2021. The Chinese manufacturer is still struggling with US sanctions, the effects of which are particularly felt on the smartphone market. Huawei de facto no longer plays a role there. However, the electronics giant is not thinking of giving up.

Huawei manager announces Mate comeback and European launch of HarmonyOS 2.0

Because in 2022, Huawei has planned a lot, as Derek Yu has revealed (source: Adevarul). The new HarmonyOS 2.0 should finally be rolled out in Europe next year . So far, Huawei is still using Android with EMUI as a software cover in Europe. Yu is optimistic that the local move to HarmonyOS will be crowned with success. According to him, satisfaction increases by 10 percent when customers switch from Android to HarmonyOS.

The Huawei manager dispelled concerns that Huawei would sideline the popular Mate series. The manufacturer is actually introducing a new generation in the fall, but this year there was no Mate 50. But that should not mean that the Mate is dead. The mate will come back in 2022 , said Yu. Huawei is also planning to launch another folding smartphone, which will be presented at MWC 2022. It is not known whether this is the rumored Galaxy Flip clone.

The features of HarmonyOS at a glance:

Huawei is experiencing growth in headphones and smartwatches

When asked how Huawei is doing after more than two years of US sanctions, Yu answered fiercely. Huawei is now stronger and is experiencing growth in other markets, such as headphones or smartwatches. With the Huawei Watch D, which is supposed to measure blood pressure, the manufacturer also seems to have an exciting model up its sleeve.


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