How to delete "Other files" from your Xiaomi?

The "Other files" section can be quite annoying, especially if we do not have too much space on our device and, even so, we want to make the most of it.

xiaomi other files

If this is also your case, do not worry, since this time we present a complete tutorial with which you can delete those "Other files" from your Xiaomi and, thus, get much more space.

How to delete "Other files" from your Xiaomi?

  • The first thing we should do is go to the settings of our phone or Configuration , once here, we look for the Storage section (you can use the magnifying glass at the top) or enter about the phone / storage.
storage xiaomi
  • In Storage, we can see the number of GB available on our device . We can even visualize this space on a graph. Where we will see, for example, how much space our photos and images occupy, how much the audio files, how much the applications, as well as the " Others " section. This is the folder that we are going to be able to delete, getting very useful space on our device and without losing anything important.
xiaomi other files

Free up OTHERS space on Xiaomi or Redmi phones with Miui

  • Now, we leave Settings and go to the Administrator app , where we find all the phone folders.
  • Once the folders are displayed, we will look for the one that says MIUI , we open and then click on Gallery (or Gallery if you have your device in English). We leave it pressed and we eliminate it (we recommend copying it to a pc before).
miui gallery folder
  • Don't worry, since this folder has images that we have deleted from our device . If you wish, you can enter and see the contents of the folder before deleting it or making a backup copy on your computer in case you need any ( most recommended option ).
  • In that same location, you will also see a folder called debug_log , which you can also delete since they are the phone's records throughout its life, and the ones you need will be generated again.
  • In the event that you cannot find the debug_log folder, click on the 3 dots above and click on show hidden files and it will appear.

Remove more memory from other files from internal storage

In the next step to continue deleting and gaining internal storage , thanks to delete the other files from your phone.

  • We left the Administrator app and now we go to the Gallery app, opening it.
  • In its upper right part we find the Albums tab , where we click, and then we do the same on Trash at the bottom.
  • Here will appear videos, photos and other files that we have deleted, but that continue to remain there occupying space for at least 30 days. By emptying it, we will get much more free space in "Other files" . Just select everything and hit delete.
  • If you want to check how much space we have obtained, we return to Storage to know, again, the amount of GB available. You will see that you will have obtained enough space on your device in many cases more than 25GB lost that you now recover .

As you can see, it is a very fast, simple and above all effective method to optimize the space of our Xiaomi and gain extra space on your phone.

  • Leave us in the comments if it helped you and how many GB of storage you gained!


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