HiPee Smart Posture Correction: The best way to improve our posture

Due to the situation of the pandemic, more and more people have started working from home, which often means spending more time in front of the computer. So, based on old models, Xiaomi has presented its new posture corrector that can be linked with your smartphone and that presents very attractive functions.

HiPee Smart Posture Correction Back Correction Ring

With the name of Hipee Smart Posture Correction we find one of the most curious and useful Xiaomi gadgets with which you can get hold of. Especially if you are a person who spends several hours a day sitting or suffers pain normally due to being in an incorrect posture and not realizing it.

HiPee Smart Correction Collar Features and Functions

Its main structure is made almost exclusively of resistant silicone , with a quite comfortable touch. In the back, which is located in the back area, a sensor system is incorporated, which will help us control our posture.

For charging, a magnetic USB cable is included that plugs into the gadget; and with full charge, the device will allow us an autonomy of up to 90 hours . If we take into account that a working day lasts an average of 7 or 8 hours, then we can use the posture corrector for a little more than 10 working days before reloading.

  • In addition, as it only has a weight of 50 grams , it is ideal to forget that you are wearing it.

Although, its design is very similar to that of other posture correctors of the brand launched in the past, an interesting feature is that we can link it via Bluetooth with our smartphone , and with it, warn us in case of bad posture or an attitude too sedentary (for example, sitting for several hours without getting up at all).

Likewise, in the device app, we have the possibility of knowing the records of 30 days in the past in order to see an evolution.

HiPee Smart Posture Correction

What about the price and availability of the Xiaomi back corrector in the shape of a necklace?

The Hipee Smart Posture Correction is available on Xiaomi YouPin for a price of 199 yuan, which at the exchange rate represents just over 25 euros .

Crowdfunding has been a success, and the necessary funds for its production have already been amply reached . So it is possible that in a short time it will be available in stores such as Aliexpress, for shipment all over the world.


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