Graphics blast for PS5 & Xbox Series: Matrix demo sets new standards - xiaomist headlines

Graphics blast for PS5 & Xbox Series: Matrix demo sets new standards - xiaomist headlines

A very special surprise was revealed at the Game Awards last week. With "The Matrix Awakens", Epic Games presented a tech demo that shows how realistic games could look in the near future. You can find out more about that and what else has happened in the last few weeks in this issue of xiaomist Headlines.

The Matrix Awakens: Tech demo shows the future of games

Two weeks ago the internet speculated that a new Matrix game was in the making. The secret was revealed at the Game Awards:

"The Matrix Awakens" is a tech demo from Epic Games, in which the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 5 are demonstrated.

After a brief introduction to the new virtual world by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, players can explore it themselves.

Many details of the world can be set manually: the position of the sun, time of day and the number of pedestrians and cars can be adjusted at the push of a button.

With this demo, the Epic Games team impressively shows what is already possible with this generation of consoles and what we can expect in terms of visual quality from games ... that is, if the titles use the Unreal engine.
If you want to take a closer look at the demo, you need an Xbox Series or PS5.

PS5 cover officially available soon

As Sony announced on the PlayStation blog, official PS5 console covers will be available to buy from January. Instead of boring white, you will soon see the colors "Midnight Black", "Cosmic Red", "Nova Pink", "Starlight Blue" and "Galactic Purple".
The color change is welcome, and in recent months Sony's lawyers have had their hands full to prevent such third-party accessories for the PS5.

The two plastic plates are said to be priced at $ 55.

New transistor technology from IBM and Samsung

How do you make a CPU faster? With more transistors! It's best to build them as small as possible so that more of them fit on one chip.
IBM and Samsung have now achieved a breakthrough that can significantly improve the performance of smartphones in the long term and massively reduce energy consumption.
With the new VTFET process, the transistors are now arranged vertically, which means that there should be space for significantly more transistors in the same area. With the same power consumption, it should be possible to double the performance compared to current chips, or with the same performance a reduction in power consumption of up to 85 percent.

The battery life of smartphones could be drastically extended this way.

The first chips with VTFET have already been successfully produced, but it may take a few years before the technology is ready for series production.

Log4Shell vulnerability: Patching begins

The Java library Log4j is used to create error logs. A week ago, a vulnerability emerged that could allow arbitrary code to be executed in the applications that use Log4j.
The big problem: log4j is a very popular open source library that is used in all kinds of programs.

When is everything fixed? This can take a long time because IoT devices are also affected by the gap and we all know how long it takes for them to be patched.

More quickly

Nvidia RTX 2060 12 GB "Launch"

As announced in the last episode, Nvidia has re-released the RTX 2060. Really many were apparently not produced at the launch, so it is not available anywhere so far. Really good launch!

"New World" loses players

The players run away from the Amazon MMO "New World". Of 400,000 concurrent players, only 100,000 remained. Maybe the players just fail the graphics cards one after the other. Either way: To prevent the in-game economy from collapsing, some servers are now being merged.

OppoInnoDay 2021: It is now also folding here

Oppo held the "OppoInnoDay 2021". Among other things, the Oppo Find N, the first foldable from Oppo, which at first glance looks much more compact than the Galaxy Fold, was presented. Also: "Oppo Air Glass": Quasi Google Glass, only with a better design.

Telegram growing in popularity Telegram is expanding its reach in Germany, 15% of all respondents from Germany use the messenger regularly

And: According to a Statista survey, the Telegram messenger is becoming increasingly popular. It's no wonder, after all, it is the only messenger with which you can get the latest news from xiaomist. And there are no other reasons.


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