Google Pixel 6 (Pro): New update makes the cameras even better

Google Pixel 6 (Pro): New update makes the cameras even better

The cameras of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are already impressive, but a new update makes them even better. The updated camera app offers a simpler zoom option and takes care of the night vision function of Google smartphones.

Google Pixel 6 (Pro): Update for the camera app released

With the Pixel 6 and the better equipped Pro version, Google has presented two smartphones that are worth seeing. As with earlier Pixel models, the sixth generation is again centered on the camera. There has now been an update for the camera app , which can be installed immediately. There have been changes in two areas.

What is new in version 8.4.300.411896890.15 is that the night vision function is seamlessly available in both normal camera mode and portrait mode. Owners no longer have to switch between the individual modes (source: Caschy's blog). On top of that, Google also made a small improvement to the zoom.

Before, it looked like the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that, for example, in portrait mode, you could only choose between single or double enlargement. The update now allows a much finer adjustment of the zoom , since intermediate values ​​can also be reached without difficulty using a slider. This makes it easier to find the right zoom value in each case.

You can find out what the Google Pixel 6 (Pro) exclusively offers in the video:

Pixel 6a: next Google phone with a weak camera?

According to initial reports on the Google Pixel 6a , the manufacturer will not rely on a camera setup similar to that of the Pixel 6. The cheaper version of the Pixel 6 should no longer allow photos with 50 MP, but instead rely on a 12.2 MP sensor from Sony. This sensor was already used in previous Google A-series phones.


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