Google dethroned: the internet has a new king

Google dethroned: the internet has a new king

The year 2021 is drawing to a close. This is an occasion to take a look at the most popular sites on the Internet. According to a traffic analysis, the eternal leader Google was dethroned for the first time this year. But who will win the race instead?

Google has to admit defeat: TikTok is the most popular page in 2021

It's over, Google has - apparently - lost the race for the most popular website in 2021. A few days of the year are still missing, but the analysts at Internet service provider Cloudflare are already certain: Google has been dethroned. The popular video platform TikTok secured first place (source: Cloudflare).

The largest search engine in the world is relegated to second place by the Chinese social media portal. Particularly noteworthy: can thus post more traffic than, which includes the services Google Maps and Google News. TikTok also jumps forward from seventh place last year.

The top 10 most popular domains in 2021 looks like this:

TikTok is not only the overall winner in terms of traffic this year, but can also win in its own category and is replacing Facebook as the most popular social media domain. But: For the investigation of Cloudflare, the traffic is decisive, i.e. the amount of data queries about a domain. At TikTok, most of it should come from the app. The number of users, on the other hand, is not taken into account; Facebook would be ahead of TikTok here.

WhatsApp is still unbeaten among messengers, we present the alternatives here:

TikTok's year: video app steadily gaining ground in 2021

From this it can also be concluded that TikTok was not only able to convince new users, but that existing users also use the video app even more , no wonder, considering the methods of TikTok. On individual days, according to Cloudflare, TikTok was already in first place early in the year, for the first time on February 17, 2021.

The real breakthrough began on August 10th, and the app from the Chinese manufacturer Bytedance has been able to record most of the days at the top since then. Even Black Friday, when online retailers are traditionally strong, could not change that.


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