Goodbye to humidity: the Xiaomi Deerma dehumidifier is on sale

To improve the state of the air we breathe, many times, it is necessary to have devices such as dehumidifiers . Xiaomi knows this very well, and that is why it has launched, now for sale in Europe, the Xiaomi Deerma DEM DT16C dehumidifier .

Código de descuento del deshumidificador Xiaomi Deerma

Xiaomi Deerma DEM DT16C dehumidifier features

In principle, it stands out that it has a total of 9 integrated functions , as well as a very practical touch screen (where we can choose any of these modes). Its system, complete and efficient, allows to substantially improve the quality of the air at home, cleaning it, likewise, of mites and dust.

Likewise, it has a capacity of 15 liters , which would be equivalent to approximately 60 bottles of 250 ml water. In addition, it emits almost no vibrations or noise, which makes it ideal for use also at night.

Xiaomi Deerma Dehumidifier Discount Code

As for its design, it comes with a nice minimalist design, as with other devices that we can find on YouPin, AliExpress or Xiaomi Banggood.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM DT16C: Price and availability

As we have mentioned above, we can already buy it in Europe from the Banggood and Aliexpress store, for a price of € 165 in their flash offer . Price that will drop as more sellers can have it in stock.

See Xiaomi and Derma Dehumidifier on Aliexpress

See Xiaomi and Derma dehumidifier at Banggood

Xiaomi Deerma Dehumidifier Discount Code


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