Get the professional massage gun from Xiaomi and Yunmai

Would you like to be able to relax after your daily training or after a long day at work? Now you can do it from the comfort of your home with the new Xiaomi massage gun: YUNMAI .

pistola de masaje xiaomi yunmai

YUNMAI Massage Gun: Features and Functions

The YUNMAI massage gun, which is already on Xiaomi YouPin and Amazon , is quite a practical device , especially considering its volume.

Among its main features, it has a total of 5 adjustable speeds, as well as 4 massage heads ; In addition, it is perfect for relaxing muscles in case of tension or pain ; since the device has ideal functions for our relaxation. So, if you are looking to end your day in a really relaxing way, you should consider acquiring it; Above all, taking into account that we can already find it available for Europe on Amazon with a 50% discount with a coupon .

massage gun xiaomi yunmai

As for its design, we can find it in matte black; being a device in the shape of a "T", which facilitates its manipulation, even with one hand.

On the other hand, as we mentioned, its heads in 4 different shapes will make it easier for it to adapt just to the type of massage we are looking for .

This Xiaomi massage gun has a 2900mAh battery , and you can fully charge it in just 4.

What do we know about the price and availability of the Yunmai massage gun?

As we have said, you can already get yours on Amazon; with a 50% coupon that you must apply to the product itself until December 19.

YUNMAI Massage Gun, Neck, Shoulder Massage Device with 4 Massage Heads and 5 Adjustable Speeds, with Bearing and Charging Station, for Neck, Back and Legs
YUNMAI Massage Gun, Neck, Shoulder Massage Device with 4 Massage Heads and 5 Adjustable Speeds, with Bearing and Charging Station, for Neck, Back and Legs
  • 【Professional Muscle Massage Gun】: Yunmai massage gun is recommended by Star Anssumane Fati. The shell and massage head are made of silicone and honeycomb materials with polishing and polishing technology. Unlike conventional ABS plastic massage guns, it can greatly improve the texture and contact of the massage heads.
  • 【4 massage heads and 5 speed levels】 The massage heads in different shapes allow you to reach any muscle and ideal for massaging the neck, back, arms and legs. This massage gun scientifically divides 5 levels, the body through a deep and powerful muscle massage after quickly removing the lactic acid produced after training, promote blood circulation, help relieve muscle tension, muscle pain and pain Stiff back.
  • Innovative charging base, first-class battery: Yunmai massager is equipped with an innovative 2900 mAh lithium battery. The massage gun can continue to work for about 12 hours after charging. The capacity can be maintained even after 500 full charges and discharges of the battery at a capacity of more than 80%. The innovative charging station allows the diaphragm gun to be simultaneously charged, which is very practical.
  • <45 dB Advanced Noise Reduction Technology: The massage gun uses WHISPER noise reduction technology which has the characteristics of high performance and low noise. It has a low noise level of less than 45 dB and offers high performance. It can be used at home, in the gym or in the office without disturbing others.
  • Lightweight and portable: weight only 0.6 kg. So that you can use this massage gun in different places, we have equipped a zippered storage bag. You can take it to the office, the gym, travel, business trips or to do gymnastics in the morning.

massage gun xiaomi yunmai


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