From smartphones to e-cars: the chip crisis is becoming an endurance runner

From smartphones to e-cars: the chip crisis is becoming an endurance runner

It is not only around Christmas that it is more difficult than usual to get electronic items this year. Many products from smartphones to televisions to e-cars are affected by the lack of chips - and that will remain so for some time, affirmed Intel boss Pat Gelsinger.

Anyone who wanted to buy new electrical devices in the past months and years of the pandemic, or even just any product with electronic components, is most likely familiar with the problem: Many devices are less available, they come on sale again, they are almost immediately out of stock and if you are lucky enough to get hold of one, you usually have to dig deeper into your pocket - the chip crisis sends its regards.

Intel boss: chip crisis will last until 2023

High demand together with supply chains that are in crisis or even completely overwhelmed have been poison for the availability of goods for months - to the detriment of both manufacturers and customers. Those who can wait are in good shape at the moment; those who rely on new equipment look into the tube. But how long should the situation last?

Pat Gelsinger has an answer ready. As Intel boss, he knows the effects of the crisis firsthand. A few weeks ago the manager was giving hope that the worst was over. But it is still far from over: The chip crisis is set to continue for the whole of next year, and easing is not expected before 2023, according to the CEO at a press conference in Malaysia (source: Nikkei Asia).

If you are not looking for the best or the latest smartphone, you have a good chance despite the chip crisis - our price tips:

New works should help, but it will take time

In doing so, he confirms earlier statements that it will take several years to overcome the effects of the crisis. Like other manufacturers, Intel is also focusing on expanding capacities in order to counter the high demand.

A new international plant is planned in Malaysia. Expansion is also planned in the USA and Europe, and Gelsinger wants to announce more "in the near future". But: "It just takes time to build up these capacities". Customers must therefore continue to be patient for the time being.


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