Four different ways to personalize your Xiaomi watch

MIUI is characterized by being a very complete customization layer. Among its settings we find a wide variety of options that allow us to customize its entire interface to our personal taste.

An example of this is the possibility of changing the clock format of the lock screen , providing us with up to four different designs so that your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO looks the way that is easiest for you to display the time and date.

In addition, MIUI also allows us to add a text under the lock screen clock . In this way we can personalize it with our name or with the text or phrase that we like the most. Likewise, it also allows you to add emojis.

How to customize your Xiaomi lock screen clock

Cuatro formas diferentes de personalizar el reloj de tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

To change the clock format of your Xiaomi lock screen , you just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Always-on screen and Lock screen> Lock screen clock format
  2. Once inside, we just have to choose the design we like the most or add the text we want from the " Owner information on the Lock Screen " section.

In this way we can personalize the clock of our smartphone with up to four different formats , multiplying its options with the possibility of adding the text we want.

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