Five Christmas themes to personalize your Xiaomi

We have now reached the middle of December and the Christmas holidays are fast approaching. Given the occasion, it is an excellent opportunity to personalize our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobiles so that they are in tune with the festivities .

In our last post we talked aboutfour fascinating topics that change the icons of your Xiaomi . Now, with Christmas almost upon us, we bring you five Christmas themes to personalize your Xiaomi .

How to download and install these Christmas themes

Keep in mind that if you want to celebrate Christmas with these themes, you just have to enter the MIUI Themes app and enter the name of the theme of your choice in the search bar. Then, select the theme, press " Free " or " Premium " as the case may be, and then press " Apply ".

In case the theme is not listed in the app's catalog, you may need to change the region of origin . To do this, you just need to go to Settings> Additional settings> Region and choose a different region, for example India .

Once you change the region, you only have to return to the MIUI Themes application to search for the subject in question. This process is reversible so you can return to your original region once you have applied the theme of your choice. Now, without further ado, let's go with the list.

1. Christmas Tree

We open the list with Christmas Tree , a Christmas theme with a minimalist design and custom application icons. Among its main attractions is the Christmas tree, represented by colored dots, which contrasts with its dark wallpaper .

Christmas Tree, Christmas theme

Your lock screen features multiple widgets, such as a welcome message, a music player, a calendar, and the time . On the other hand, the control center and other menus acquire a dark gradient that gives it a modern style . Christmas Tree is a free theme that is compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

2. Have Christmas

Have Christmas, Christmas theme

Have Christmas is one of those themes that stands out for its decoration. While your wallpaper may look pretty straightforward, your lock screen widgets introduce you to the very house of Santa Claus . Each of the widgets is personalized with a Christmas theme, and they even have snowfall animations .

Among its other virtues, it should be noted that the application icons that also present a renewed appearance, much more compact and friendly to the eye . If you want to take a closer look at the Have Christmas theme, remember that it is free and is compatible with both MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

3. Christmas Red

Christmas Red, Christmas theme

When it comes to minimalist themes, Christmas Red is an obvious exponent. This Christmas theme finds its virtues in simplicity; adorned with a striking red background that contrasts with custom white icons and dashed shapes.

As if that were not enough, this Christmas theme for Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO has a snowy animation on its lock screen . Every time you want to unlock the device, you will find a couple of snowmen in full snow; a very Christmas image. If you like it, Christmas Red is a free theme compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

4. Healing the snow

The next theme in the list has a very nice, friendly, colorful and youthful design. Healing the snow is a theme that simply transports you into a snowy environment to welcome Christmas. It has minimalist and personalized application icons , but that is not its main attraction.

Healing the snow, Christmas theme

In fact, Healing the snow stands out for its lock screen. When you turn on the screen, you are greeted with multiple colorful, custom widgets . As if that were not enough, the lock screen also has a snowy animation . If it catches your attention, remember that it is a free theme compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

5. Jiyan Christmas

Lastly, we present the definitive theme. Jiyan Christmas is a theme that has it all: lock screen animation , custom app icons , minimalist widgets , and colorful wallpapers . However, it has a hidden surprise.

Jiyan Christmas, Christmas theme.

Every time you press twice in a row on one side of the screen, the wallpaper will change. You have more than 15 dynamic backgrounds to choose from , so you can wear a different one until the end of the year chimes.

It also has a thematic control center that will make you experience Christmas in all its splendor. Like the rest, it is a free theme and compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

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