Experts sure: Apple dethrones Samsung - thanks to iPhone 13

Experts sure: Apple dethrones Samsung - thanks to iPhone 13

In terms of smartphone sales, Apple has placed itself ahead of Samsung in the current quarter, a forecast says. Samsung and the Chinese competition cannot keep up with the iPhone 13. Samsung now faces a difficult task, but already has a plan.

Apple ahead of Samsung: iPhone 13 as a box-office hit

According to preliminary figures from TrendForce, Apple will have a significantly higher share of the cell phone market than Samsung in the fourth quarter of the year. According to the analysis, Apple should go up from 15.9 percent to 23.2 percent . The jump to the top can be explained by the iPhone 13 models, which sell significantly better than the smartphones of the competition. The best sellers of cell phones are almost exclusively iPhones.

If it looks good for Apple, then the opposite is true for Samsung: In the fourth quarter of 2021, the global market share of the South Korean company is expected to decrease from 21.2 percent to 19.4 percent . Samsung has to be satisfied with second place, at least for the time being. With the Galaxy S22, a competitor to the iPhone 13 is already available. The top cell phone is expected to be presented in February 2022.

Samsung doesn't just make electronics, as the video shows:

The market share is also going downhill for Chinese producers . Oppo can hold third place, but probably loses 1.8 percent. Xiaomi will have to cope with a loss of 1 percent if the forecast is true. At Vivo, there is a decline of 0.7 percent (source: TrendForce).

Samsung wants to fight its way back in 2022

Samsung has set itself a target of a market share of 21.9 percent for 2022, according to supplier circles. The upcoming Galaxy S22 series is estimated to have sold a total of 33 million units. Sales of the Galaxy A20 and A30 smartphones are expected to be significantly higher, with 267 million copies being planned .


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