Error in accessing media (whatsapp, updates, etc)

Hi, I have a MI 11 on MIUI Global (RKBEUXM) and sometimes I experience a problem while downloading media in Whatsapp: I get an error like this "Download failed. Download not completed. Try again later". When the Whatsapp problem happens, I got also an error in Tasker when trying to play a notification sound file. Here I get the error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Volume external_primary not found". And when these errors happen I get an error also if I try to update system apps in the Settings Menù. The error here is a notification with the message "Package Installer. It's impossible to execute the download" After a while, all these errors disappear and everything works again ... even if I do not understand what changes in the meanwhile. Even if I'm not sure that there is a correlation I realized that when these errors happens, the Media Storage app runs all the night draining battery because in the battery settings I see that the screen is off but the phone active. Any idea? My idea is that there something blocking the access to media. Any possibile solution? or suggestion?


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