Download the latest version of Miui applications

In this article we are going to offer you the latest available version of the Miui system applications , either for a Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco.

latest version apk xiaomi

Always have the latest version of Miui 12 applications

Keeping our phone's system applications up-to-date , be it: The calculator, the file manager, the remote control, the scanner, calendars, the browser, the package installer, security, radio, themes, games, etc. is very important .

Since sometimes these updates of the default applications of the phone are updated to solve any error that they may have in previous versions .

Miui is one of the most used customization layers, thanks in part to its great comfort . To have this functionality, Miui launches and incorporates applications on your phone so that you can get out of any problem you have.

Download the latest version of Miui's default apps

If you want to be sure that your phone is using the latest available version of that application, download the one you need here.

  • Keep in mind: Some of these applications are taken from the Betas and Chinese Rom and some may not work for you in their Global version. If this happens to you, you can only wait for it to be updated via OTA.
Application List Version Download
Always On Display 2.10.786-12071655 Download
App Vault 12.12.3 Download
Browser 15.5.12 Download
Compass Download
Calculator 12.0.63 Download
Calendar Download
Camera 4.3.002111.0 Download
Gallery 3.4.2 Download
Gallery editor Download
GameTurbo 2.0.1 Download
File manager Download
Health 2.16.6 Download
Settings Download
Launcher Download
Weather forecast Download
My community 5.2.4 Download
My Fit 5.5.1 Download
My Move 3.6.7 Download
My Share 1.10.4 Download
My Store 3.25.6 Download
My video 2021120400 Download
Mint browser 3.9.1 Download
Launcher Mint Download
MIUI + 3.5.8.a Download
Music 1.1 Download
Grades 3.6.6m Download
Clock Download
POCO 2.0 Launcher Download
Audio recorder Download
Screen recorder Download
Screenshots 1.3.7-12031346 Download
Security 5.8.2-211202.0.1 Download
ShareMe 2.13.09 Download
Remote control 6.2.3 Download
Topics Download
Xiaomi Home 7.0.501 Download
Xiaomi Wear 2.14.3 Download

Why am I not updating the Miui system applications?

Normally these system applications are updated via OTA, with some small patch . Where on many occasions, they do not say that they have changed or modified some applications, since that update is "a small thing".

However, there are many applications that are available long before it reaches you via official OTA , since these are taken from the Beta programs in the form of an apk and you can install them without problems.

How to install these newer versions of Miui applications?

Installing these updates is very simple, you just have to download the application you need and it will download directly . Then you just open that file and it will install like any normal application .

What happens if I update to a newer apk and it doesn't work for me?

Do not worry. In the event that you install an apk because you want to try it and see its latest version and it fails, you just have to go to settings / applications and select it, within it, you will see an option that says " uninstall updates " and your application it will go back to the previous version you had.


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