{Disarmed} Xiaomi Wear, in-depth guide: this is all you can do with the app that helps you improve your physical health

Xiaomi Wear, in-depth guide: this is all you can do with the app that helps you improve your physical health

All users who have recently purchased a Xiaomi wearable must use the Xiaomi Wear app to be able to synchronize the information recorded by the device to the mobile phone , either from a Xiaomi Mi Watch to the most recent Redmi Smart Band Pro .

This software is very complete and integrates many functions that we are going to comment on in this post so that you know all the secrets that you can find in it to be able to make the most of it.

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How to link a new device to the Xiaomi Wear app

To start using Xiaomi Wear correctly, of course we will have to synchronize our new wearable to the app. To do this (in addition to registering in the software to enter our profile), we will have to go to the "Profile" section and, in the upper right, click on the "+" button and select "Add device".


Once inside, we will simply have to select the corresponding model that we want to synchronize and start the process following all the steps indicated in the app, a simple mechanism but that, on certain occasions, may have some difficulty depending on each Username.

What parameters can we record and view with Xiaomi Wear

Well, once our bracelet or smart watch is synchronized with the app, we must know what parameters we can store and record in it and, taking into account everything we can do, configure it correctly based on our needs.

Among those parameters that we are going to find, we have the following:

Xiaomiwear 1

  • Steps
  • Calories
  • Training history
  • Sleep log with even naps
  • General statistics of our daily physical activity
  • Heart rate
  • Stress level
  • Number of times we have gotten up for more than one minute per hour throughout the day
  • Maximum volume of oxygen consumed during exercise with maximum effort
  • Blood oxygen
  • Energy consumed and recovered by your body throughout the day

At the interface level, all this information that we have just mentioned is shown in calendar format , being able to select the corresponding day, week or month given the information that we want to view, which we can easily select directly from the specific specific section.

Xiaomiwear 2

From these screens, you will be able to consult a large amount of additional information to each corresponding section, for example being able to see a map of the GPS route with information on the pace, height, heart rate, etc., in the section of the training history, or information of oxygen in the blood during our sleep among many other extra functions that we invite you to investigate for yourself.

How to Set Step, Calorie, and Other Goals

One of the most interesting aspects of this type of smart device is to establish different activity goals in order to keep our health in the best possible state. In other softwares, the way to configure this is done directly from the specific section, but in Xiaomi Wear you must do it as follows:

Xiaomiwear 3

  • Access the "Statistics" section and, at the top right, click on the three points and select "Set"
  • Once inside, you will simply have to select the goal you want and set the goal that you consider appropriate for your performance

Configuring this section will allow your watch or smart bracelet to notify you once you have reached that established goal , something that will help motivate you to meet them on a daily basis.

Take advantage of your phone's GPS to record your favorite sports

If we take a look at the second screen that we find in Xiaomi Wear, we are going to have a tremendously useful functionality in front of us in the event that our wearable does not have an integrated GPS chip.

Xiaomiwear 4

This function will help us to use the GPS sensor of our mobile phone to be able to accurately record the sport we are doing , among which we can select:

  • Running outdoors
  • Walk
  • Outdoor cycling
  • Running on treadmill

With this, we will not only have all the information from the sensors integrated in our bracelet or smart watch, but we will also have the entire GPS geolocation record of our phone , something that will greatly improve the accuracy of our activity record.

How to transfer all your information from Mi Fit to Xiaomi Wear

Perhaps some of you have been using Xiaomi wearables for a long time, which are synchronized with our device through the Mi Fit app but you do not want to lose all the information accumulated in said software when buying a new watch or bracelet.

Luckily, Xiaomi Wear makes it easy for us with a specific section from which you can easily transfer your information from Mi Fit. To do this, you will only have to do the following:

Xiaomiwear 5

  • Open your Xiaomi Wear application and access the "Profile" section
  • Once on this screen, click on the option "Transfer from My Fit" and select "Transfer"

Once we have accessed this menu, our phone's browser will open and we will have to access our Xiaomi account by indicating our username and password or by logging in through a social network that we have used in Mi Fit.

Having already logged in, the system will ask us for access to the Xiaomi Wear app to be able to read all the data related to our profile such as steps, calories, user ID, etc.

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How to synchronize our Strava account with Xiaomi Wear

Another of the curiosities that we find within Xiaomi Wear is the possibility of synchronizing our account with the Strava application so, in the case that we perform a sport with our bracelet or smart watch, it will be automatically uploaded to our personal account by Strava.

To be able to activate this function, we will only have to:

Xiaomiwear 6

  • Access your profile in the Xiaomi Wear app and, at the top right, press the "+" button and select "Settings"
  • Once inside, click on "Connected applications" and enter your Strava account for it to sync correctly

All the settings and options that we can apply to our Xiaomi wearable

To finish with the complete review of all the options that Xiaomi Wear offers us, we have to see what are the configuration options that we can carry out on our devices. Something to keep in mind is that not all Xiaomi wearables have the same configuration for this app since, for example, some integrate specific functions such as compatibility with Amazon Alexa, among others.

In this case, we are going to review the options that can generally be modified from any product, among which we find:

Xiaomiwear 6

  • Download new watchfaces or configure the ones we already have downloaded
  • Configure notifications on the wearable from the phone
  • Activate or deactivate the incoming call alert
  • Set Heart Rate, Sleep, Blood Oxygen, and Stress Log
  • Activate and schedule Inactivity Alerts
  • Set alarms
  • Configure weather information based on our location
  • Link our equipment to activate the remote control of the phone's camera from the wearable
  • Set the order of the interface training types
  • Set the order of the interface widgets
  • Modify main menu layout in grid or list form
  • Activate and program lift mode to activate
  • Activate or deactivate using our wearable to unlock our phone if it detects that we have it nearby
  • Update the firmware of our bracelet or smart watch
  • Unlink the device from the wearable in case we want to connect another or simply deactivate the one we are using from our account

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As we can see, the configuration is quite extensive and, as we have recommended in the section on the parameters that we can record and view from the app, it is best that you investigate each option yourself to be able to adjust the use of the equipment to your own. needs.

Xiaomiwear 7

All this will be combined with the own configuration that we find in the integrated software of the smartband or smartwatch, so the customization capabilities of these are very wide as we are used to by Xiaomi with MIUI .

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