{Disarmed} Xiaomi Watch S1, technology, health and design united in a smartwatch

Xiaomi Watch S1, technology, health and design united in a smartwatch

Today Xiaomi had summoned us to meet the new family ofXiaomi 12 but, as we had already told you in previous posts, it would not arrive alone. The first device to be presented after these phones has been the new Xiaomi Watch S1 , a high-performance smartwatch in which it stands out the most is an exquisite design.

This device will be positioned as the most performance option of the Asian firm in terms of smart watches above the well-known Xiaomi Watch Color 2 although, at least for the moment, it is unknown whether or not it will finally reach the Global market or not. .

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Data sheet of the new Xiaomi Watch S1



46.5 x 46.5 x 11 mm


1.43-inch AMOLED
466 x 466 pixels


470 mAh
Up to 12 days of typical use
Qi wireless charging


Temperature resistance from -10 to 45 C


Heart sensor
Geomagnetic Sensor
Ambient light
SpO2 measurement
Sleep tracking


Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz
Bluetooth 5.2


Android 6.0 or iOS 10.0 and higher


117 sports modes
NFC chip for mobile payments
Downloadable third-party apps
Microphone and speaker for calls via Bluetooth


From 152 euros to change

An exceptional design for a watch that maintains its essence

As we tell you, Xiaomi has focused the main improvements of this device on offering a design on par with other alternatives such as the Huawei Watch GT3 or the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro , two of its main rivals in this segment.

Xiaomi Watch S1 6

In this case, Xiaomi has incorporated into this watch a sapphire crystal on its front to give it greater resistance to bumps and breakage, as well as a body built in stainless steel with two buttons on its right side to interact with the interface.

Another interesting detail that completes this elegant design are its straps that can be chosen in the classic high-resistance silicone or with a leather finish that give the device a fantastic aesthetic, as well as being able to choose both the body and its straps in different colors: black or silver body, black silicone strap and brown or blue leather strap.

As for its back, we also have some really interesting features, since this smartwatch is capable of answering calls via Bluetooth, so it incorporates a microphone and speaker oriented for such use, in addition to the classic sensors in a central position and compatibility with charging. wireless through the Qi standard .

Xiaomi Watch S1

If we start to review what we are going to find inside, we have to talk about its screen, which has grown slightly compared to what we had in the Xiaomi Mi Watch. This still has a circular format but incorporates a 1.43-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, so that the use with respect to the edges is better achieved.

Another feature that does not change too much is the battery, which grows slightly in terms of capacity reaching 470 mAh, but continues to offer 12 days of typical use with the incorporation of Qi wireless charging as we have mentioned before.

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Of course, it is fully compatible with iOS and Android through the Xiaomi Wear app and has a wide variety of sensors among which we find: Heart Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic Sensor, Barometer, Ambient Light, SpO2 Measurement and GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / GALILEO / QZSS.

Xiaomi Watch S1 8

Finally, at the interface level we continue with the same that we saw in its brother Mi Watch Color 2 with the possibility of installing third-party apps, up to 117 sports modes to be able to record our daily physical activity and endless options related to our health as steps, calories, distance, etc., and even NFC chip for mobile payments.

Price and availability of the new Xiaomi Watch S1

Xiaomi Watch S1 5

The new Xiaomi Watch S1 has just been presented in China although, at least for the moment, we do not have any information on whether or not it will end up reaching the Global market. Its price varies slightly depending on the finish that we choose for its strap, finally being as follows:

  • Xiaomi Watch S1 with silicone strap: 1,099 yuan, about 152 euros to change
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 with leather strap: 1,199 yuan about 166 euros to change

More information | Xiaomi

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