{Disarmed} Xiaomi Populele U1, the ukulele to learn how to create your music

Xiaomi Populele U1 is the perfect smart ukulele for learning to play , and it is now available for sale at Banggood worldwide. It is true that summer is still a few months away ; but why not learn now?

xiaomi populele u1

Xiaomi U1 Ukulele What are its features and functions?

Xiaomi Populele U1 can be described as a timeless classic, through which we can interact with our smartphone . Thus, through our device we can enter various games, all of them ideal to learn the basic elements of musical performance on ukulele .

This gadget comes integrated with a 800 mAh battery , which can be charged through a micro USB connection; also equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 model.

xiaomi populele u1

It is capable of giving us up to 10 hours of operation on a single charge, which is done in 2.5 hours up to 100%.

As you can see, this is a next-generation 23-inch ukulele , with a stable and fast connection. Through its didactic interface, in just a few days we will learn most of the basic concepts of playing this musical instrument.

  • For its connection it works with phones with Android 4.3 or higher and IOS 8.0 or higher

Promotional video of Xiaomi U1 ukulele

Xiaomi Populele U1 What is its price and availability?

Xiaomi Populele U1 is now available at Banggood, with shipping from Europe and China to anywhere in the world.

As for its price, it is € 64 if you use the discount coupon: BGf95ed8

See Xiaomi Ukulele at the best price

http: // Xiaomi% 20Populele% 20U1% 20 |% 20Banggood


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