{Disarmed} Xiaomi launches an ingenious blue light TV filter to take care of eye health

Xiaomi launches an ingenious blue light TV filter to take care of eye health

Xiaomi does not stop pulling new products out of its sleeve and the latest is a sheet capable of blocking the light emitted between the wavelengths of 380 nanometers to 450 nanometers.

Although some products of the brand already incorporate it, this option is applicable to any 55-inch television . In fact, this new service, only available in China, promises to extend to more inch types. This "anti blue light" service will be available from this week.

Blue light and its effects


This anti blue light filter does not have anything special beyond its nuclear function: for 299 yuan, about 42 euros to change, Xiaomi's service takes care of going home by home and installing said sheet , offering an after-sales service of 1 anus.

And how useful is there in these filters? Not a few ophthalmological studies agree that the lower the exposure to this wavelength, called blue light because of its "color" within the spectrum, the better eye health .

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As we mature, our eye becomes more efficient at blocking blue light; However, in minors this blockage is lower, and may even affect children's attention and ability to concentrate. The reason? It is considered that the greater the exposure to blue light, the lower the production of melatonin , responsible for its ability to adjust circadian rhythms and, therefore, sleep cycles.

A priori, this is still an open debate . There are voices that say that these filters are not especially useful - nor is blue light dangerous -. The greatest advances in this field, as recalled from Engadget Science , come from animal studies.

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Companies like BenQ are betting on technologies like Eye Care They aspire to the same end: to block the maximum amount of blue light . The independent group TÜV has the TÜV certification , which confirms that the products certified by this independent entity have not only less blue light emission, but also less image flicker, reducing eye fatigue and improving eye health.

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