{Disarmed} Xiaomi copies Apple: a service repair program is coming

These days we have witnessed how Apple launched a real revolution with the announcement of its new program called Self Service Repair ; which is expected to be presented in early 2022. And Xiaomi, apparently, has decided to respond with its own program .


Xiaomi self-service repair What is known so far?

Well, at the time of writing this article, Xiaomi released a post on Twitter, announcing the arrival of this service repair program for brand devices.

As usual in other brand launches, the first country to benefit from this program is expected to be India ; acting like some kind of pioneer. Although, at the moment, nothing is known about its possible launch in other areas.

Regarding its operation and characteristics, it is very likely that it has marked similarities with the program developed by Apple .

  • The brand would provide you with components, tools, manuals and the users themselves are the ones who would repair their phone, Tablet , etc.

Service centers are also expected to be active at all times , in order to receive devices smoothly.

Xiaomi repair program for smartphones

Hours later, the company made a brief official statement about this new self-service repair program.

Xiaomi further strengthens its commitment to fans and consumers: the next "Xiaomi Cares" solution will be a complete solution that will cover all service and support needs.

"Xiaomi Cares", which has already started in India, aims to make the customer service and assistance process comfortable and smooth "

Unfortunately, this scant information is the only thing we have for now. More details are not yet known, although many assure that this novelty will be presented outside India in the first months of 2022, expanding to other countries .


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