{Disarmed} Xiaomi Buds 3: ANC up to 40dB and HiFi sound for Xiaomi s impending premium headphones

Xiaomi Buds 3: ANC up to 40dB and HiFi sound for Xiaomi's impending premium headphones

The Xiaomi thing is complete madness. On December 28, the Asian firm had summoned us to meet its new family of devices called Xiaomi 12 but, apparently, these phones will not be the only products that the Asian firm will present to us, since the presentation of the new one has been confirmed. Xiaomi Watch S1 and, just today, the new Xiaomi Buds 3 have joined.

And this is how the company itself has shown it through a promotional poster in which we have already been able to see the first image of the design of these headphones, in addition to the fact that part of its key characteristics such as noise cancellation has already been confirmed active up to 40dB and an in-ear format that promises to offer high-level HiFi sound quality.

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ANC and double transparency mode thanks to its three specific microphones

In these first images shared by Xiaomi itself, we can see how the design of these headphones will not be very different from what we have already seen in other products of the company such as the Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro , with a charging case finished in color black and an ergonomic in-ear design of the headphones themselves.

Xiaomi Buds 3 1

Of course, luckily (taking into account what we can see in the images), Xiaomi would have decided to incorporate a matte finish both in the case and in the headset itself , something that will prevent the product from deteriorating as easily as we saw in others products of the brand with a glossy finish, something that is to be appreciated.

And, of course, beyond its design we have to talk about the star feature that has been confirmed by the Chinese firm about these new Xiaomi Buds 3, such as active noise cancellation of up to 40dB and a double transparency mode that promises a great experience.

Xiaomi Buds 3 2

To do this, Xiaomi has incorporated up to three specific microphones in this product in order to offer the best possible experience in both sections, something that, according to the company itself, has made this product pass the authorized test of the China Metrology Institute in relation to to the silence that they are able to offer with that ANC mode.

In short, there are only a few hours left to know the rest of the specifications and characteristics of this product which, without any doubt, looks fantastic and about which we will tell you everything from the moment they are officially presented on April 28. December.

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